Who We Are

daddydonDaddy Don Anspauch is licensed by the Internal Revenue Service as an Enrolled Agent, # 93602. Don has been working in the Los Angeles area for 27 years and has experience and insight for the entertainment community, for both individuals in front and behind the camera.

We have extensive financial management and planning experience to file accurate and concise tax returns, not paying a dollar more that what you truthfully owe Uncle Sam or other taxing authorities.

Established procedures, knowledge of tax issues, rapid response to questions with solutions, and a concerted reliability of service is our best asset.

What we can do

Tax & IRS Issues:
Our office can represent clients before the IRS and taxing authorities in current and past tax issues. We often interface and arrange payment plans with taxing authorities on outstanding issues for the benefit of our clients and n some instances effectively reducing or eliminating tax liabilities.

Financial Review:
Our office offers in depth review of your financial situation to determine the best course of action to eliminate heavy, excessive and unnecessary taxation. We can review prior year returns to determine if there may have been a better ax treatment of your income and expenses. Our office focuses intently on verifiable deductions of expenses for tax consideration and record keeping procedures.

Business Entity:
We are able to determine the best tax entity structure, LLC, S Corp, Partnership, or C Corporation for your business needs. Don is an entity specialist and can take care of the complete set up, licensing and tax registration.

After proper evaluation of your personal situation, we will discuss what the best course of action can be and what products best suit your needs. We can also make a determination on the best and most effective retirement funding plan to put into action, a 401k, SEP or Roth IRA.

Bookeeping & Business Management:
We offer full service bookkeeping, including payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bill pay, invoicing, financial reporting and more. We work horoughly, effectively, and honestly. Once you put your trust with us, you will not look any further for your bookkeeping and tax needs.

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